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Streaming video often means watching video whilst downloading it from the web (e.g. YouTube); for the RPi it also refers to the process of capturing video data from attached "Raspicams" or USB attached cameras and forwarding it to other computers, either on a LAN or out on the Internet. This tag is to be used for questions about how to stream video to and from the RPi.

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How can I stream H.264 video from the Raspberry Pi camera module via a web server?

So I got the Raspberry Camera today and got stills working fine. Capture an image in JPEG format: raspistill -o image.jpg Capture a 5-second video in H.264 format: raspivid -o video.h264 I do not ...
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Can I use Raspberry Pi in commercial production?

I'm quite new to Raspberry Pi. I recently started hacking my new RPI with raspbian and working on a video streaming project. I finished my prototype and things are ready for production. RPI is ...
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Modern way to stream H.264 from the Raspberry Cam

I got the Pi B+ and the Pi camera and am now trying to find the most efficient (low CPU) and lowest-latency configuration to stream H.264 encoded video from the camera to my home server. I've read ...
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Video Streaming from raspberry zero to an external server

I'm aware of streaming live video using on the RaspberryPi itself as a server. But is there a way to send the video from the raspicam to an external web-streamer so that if I have multiple people ...
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Is there any workaround for Netflix compatibility?

I know that Netflix does not work with Linux because Moonlight (an open-source implementation of Silverlight) doesn't support encryption. Have any workarounds or solutions been identified to bring ...
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record and stream video from camera simultaneously

I am recording video from Pi using Camera Module with picamera: import picamera with picamera.PiCamera() as camera: camera.resolution = (640, 480) camera.start_recording('1.h264') camera....
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Pi 4: Can it play blu ray rips

So basically I couldn't find an answer to this directly. But can a Pi 4 blu ray play blu ray rips(from my own blu rays) without issues? With the pi 3 and older, it was too much. Is the pi 4 powerful ...
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Why can't OMXplayer display streamed movies well?

I am running a comparison on a 720p HD video of running it directly: omxplayer Shame.mkv and off of a vlc server configured like so: new channel1 broadcast enabled setup channel1 input /path/to/...
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Packet loss when receiving UDP stream

I'm generating a 1080p h264 video stream over UDP on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86 host with gigabit ethernet using avconv: avconv -re -i -f mpegts udp://pi:8765/ The plan is ...
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Stream videos wirelessly from PC to Pi to TV?

I have a collection of movies (Please note: Mostly 1080p) on my external hard disk drive. This drive is attached to my PC (Mac). The external hard disk also contains some important work files, hence I ...
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Streaming H264 with Logitech C920

I have a logitech C920 webcam. It has the ability to directly encode the video in H264. I want to reproduce what was done with a Beaglebone, but using a Raspberry Pi: send a H264 stream to the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

HTTP Live Streaming

I current have a setup using Motion to stream video from a webcam attached to a raspberry pi. Unfortunately this is quite low quality and has a poor frame rate. I am looking into using HTTP Live ...
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Is it possible to stream H.264 with RTSP on Raspberry Pi?

I'm trying to set up a video conferencing system by using two Raspberry Pi boards. How can I stream the H.264 protocol over a real-time streaming protocol via an Ethernet connection? Which OS should ...
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Using the UV4L driver to stream video from the raspberry pi camera to android phone

Hello raspberry people! I'm posting a new question because I don't have enough rep on raspberrypi.stackexchange to post a comment on this post:
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What streaming solution for the Picam has the smallest lag?

This post shows how to stream using VLC. It works nice and is simple, but it gives me about a second lag. This post uses GStreamer, and it has 0.3 second lag; I would like less. Is it possible to use ...
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Netflix on Raspberry Pi (2014 version)

It is October 2014 and the lastest version of Chrome (I think it is version 38) finally supports Netflix on Linux. Yey, HTML5! Now that we have finally overcome that problem, is there any news on how ...
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miniDLNA & srt files

I Have been looking all over for an answer but I can't find any. My miniDLNA server doesn't seem to stream the srt files (named the same as the video and utf-8 encoded) to my playback devices. I ...
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What Operating System/Web Browser supports HTML5 video with hardware acceleration on the Raspberry Pi?

Problem: I'm currently attempting to boot my Raspberry Pi into kiosk mode so that an HTML5 Video will play without skipping. My problem is that all video skips and will not play smoothly without GPU ...
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Autostart videostream without logging in

I am trying to auto-start a script, that starts a video stream via vlc on a raspberry pi with raspi camera. This is the code that starts the stream: raspivid -o - -t 0 -hf -w 640 -h 360 -fps 25 | ...
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Can I use the composite video connecor to send video INTO the Raspberry PI?

I am looking to convert video from an analogue surveillance camera (w. BNC connector) into a digital format using a Raspberry PI. I was wondering first if the composite video connector would allow me ...
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Streaming live from the picam

I have tried to install Motion to stream from the cam. So I went to: RASPBERRYPI-IP:8080/8081 but it didn't show me my stream. I have no idea how Motion works and I am curious if this is the best and ...
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Best way to stream video over internet with RPi?

I'm wondering what is the best way that I can stream video from the camera module over the internet. By "best" I mean lowest latency (can't suffer a second delay for example, this is a real-time ...
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Unable to configure pulseaudio/alsa to work with cvlc

I run an RTSP server on my Raspberry Pi 3 by using cvlc. I recently wanted to add audio as well but I can't the audio to work. Here's my current cvlc config: cvlc \ v4l2:///dev/video0:chroma=...
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Stream using VLC and fifo file

I have a Rapberry Pi (model B), wired connected on network. I want to stream using raspistill and save loop jpeg picture into a fifo file. In the other side I want to read this fifo file with VLC, ...
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Netflix on the Pi with XBMC -- any improvements? [duplicate]

According to the older questions How to stream Netflix on Raspbmc (January 2013) Is there any workaround for Netflix compatibility? (June 2012) there was, at the time, no feasible way to view ...
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Long distance file transmison

I want to send video files (approximately 70 MB) over a distance of 200 meters outdoors. I have some experience in using Raspberry pi and a lot of experience in Python and Java. I need some advice on ...
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Video streaming via motion jpeg, python3-flask, and the camera module

Recently I've been working on a project to stream video from one raspberry pi zero with a camera module to another with a small TFT display. The application demands that this stream has very, very ...
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Picamera capture to array is slow

In python module picamera, does anyone noticed that camera.capture(array, 'rgb') is quite slow?? If you try to measure this time is about 540ms... example code (the "real code" is irrelevant): from ...
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Best way to stream usb camera video in 2020

I want to stream a USB camera connected to a raspberry pi 3 to a web-page(on different network). There are quite a few posts on this from 5-10 years ago, mostly using 'motion', which hasn't been ...
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Youtube TV Client for the Raspberry Pi

YouTube TV is a simplified web version of YouTube optimized for big screens. My goal is to connect the Pi to my TV via HDMI and watch Youtube videos on it on the YouTube TV interface. Is there a way ...
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Stream (or Airplay) between 2 Raspberry Pi's?

I have 2 Raspberry Pi's, 1 is on one side of the apartment, the other is on the other side of the building. The fist is connected via wire, the other via wireless, all - of course - connected to the ...
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Stream Raspberry Pi camera to Android/iOS over internet

Problem : I want make live stream from my camera attached to Raspberry pi 3 b+, which is connected to home WiFi. Streaming should be over internet. So that any client like Android/ iOS can stream it ...
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