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Raspberry Power Supply via GPIO. No HDMI or Ethernet

for my current project I need to supply the Pi via the GPIO pins with power. I know that I'm bypassing some security features, but my circuit has new ones implemented. The problem is, that I'm hocking ...
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My Raspberry pi keep show msg : low voltage warning please check your power supply [duplicate]

I have Raspberry pi 3 , and I am using its power supply which give 5V -2.5 A , the problem is that the raspberry Pi keep show this message : low voltage warning please check your power supply
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Fried my gpio pins?

I might have fried my gpio pins. I have a pie 3b with Hyperion installed and I’m trying to use it to run a set of ws2812 led lights. The led lights are running off of a 5v 8amp power supply and the pi ...
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Programatically Establishing When RPi Supply Voltage is Too Low

Responses to this post: How does RPi "know" when it hasn't got enough power indicate that there is a digital input somewhere on the RPi which indicates what the supply voltage has ...
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