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Questions tagged [toolchain]

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Pico .uf2 not moved to output via ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY

I wish to have the final .uf2 file destined for the Pico placed by the toolchain in a particular location. I have set this up using this command in CMakeLists.txt. set_target_properties(${PROJECT_NAME}...
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Python-less Pi Pico toolchain in Windows

Is there any way to build a C++ Raspberry Pi Pico binary without having to install Python. It's quite heavyweight and feels quite unnecessary (I do like tidy toolchains without huge bloat and an ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Debian-based distro for Raspberry Pi Pico development

The "Getting started with Raspberry Pi Pico" guide states in chapter 2: The following instructions assume that you are using a Raspberry Pi Pico and some details may differ if you are using ...
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Linaro cross toolchain 32 bit or 64 bit?

I am developing a kernel on my PC (running Linux Mint 64 bit) and want to transfer that code later onto a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspbian 32 bit. Now I am confused. Do I need my IDE to pick my gcc-...
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Cannot find filesystem

Still scraping rust off of C++ and learning CLion, Raspberry Pi and Cmake. I am following to cross-compile on my Ubuntu platform. I ...
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Compile Linux kernel with toolchain built for aarch64 and uClibc

I am using RPI3 model B I have compiled toolchain using crosstool-ng with the following sample. ./ct-ng aarch64-rpi3-linux-gnu Using ./ct-ng menuconfig, I changed C library from glibc to uClibc. ...
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Compile Qt application on Raspberry Pi and Run that application on other ARM device. Will it work?

I am compiling One Qt application on Raspberry Pi and Run it on different ARM device like Microchip or TI board without compile again. will it work??? if both the side Qt version is same.
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Errors compile using mraa library with Eclipse IDE [closed]

I'm new to Eclipse IDE. I'm currently getting started with gpio library for Raspberry Pi 3 which is mraa on Eclipse IDE as well as a cross - compiler for in Windows Operating System. Errors I've got ...
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Raspberry Pi Qt toolchain on Ubuntu 16.04

I have issues creating a tool-chain for cross compiling Raspberry Pi 3 Qt applications through Ubuntu. I used directions from this guide,, to help me ...
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Install libraries from computer

I'm currently searching a tool to install on a Raspi libraries, but from a computer. SSH can be a solution but I'm searching a tool where you can see the installed package and the one that can be ...
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3 answers

Which toolchain for Raspberry Pi 3 and Qt5

Which is the recommended toolchain to cross-compile Qt5.6 for Raspberry Pi 3? I tried official tools: but it seems they don't support the architecture and flag ...
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What toolchain to use? Any real difference?

I'm starting with buildroot for my Raspberry PI 2 project. I've came to part where I need to select toolchain that will build whole project. I have two main options: use buildroot to build my own ...
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