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Questions tagged [underclocking]

Underclocking is used as an antonym for "Overclocking" and is a method of trying to reduce the power consumption of a processor, by changing the running settings so that it runs more slowly than normal. Use this tags for questions related to how to underclock the Raspberry Pi or peripherals so that power consumption is lowered or for other benefits.

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2 votes
2 answers

Underclock / tune Raspberry Pi 5 to keep 2 amps power supply limit

As the minimal requirements for Raspberry Pi 5 is 5V / 3 amps, better 5 amps, this is a very unusual supply on USB-C with not so many options to find a matching supply (despite the recommended one). ...
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2 votes
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Pico Debugger can upload code once but not twice (when touching sysclk)

I've been playing around with the new Pico Debugger, and it is very nice. I have been running into some issues when using an external GPIO clock as the debugger does not seem able to detect the CPU's ...
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1 vote
1 answer

RPI4: sleep 10 waits 43 seconds when CPU underclocked

I use an under-clocked Rasberry Pi 4 to save power using these settings in /boot/config.txt: arm_freq=700 arm_freq_min=100 core_freq=250 core_freq_min=75 sdram_freq=400 over_voltage=0 # source # https:...
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5 votes
3 answers

Underclocking PiZero for power saving worth it?

How much power does the PiZero consume on it's lowest possible cpu clock setting (underclocked)? (Let's say the only usb add on is a wifi dongle.) And... is it worth it?
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10 votes
3 answers

Underclock raspberry pi without rebooting

I want to reduce the frequency of operation of my raspberry pi without rebooting. Is there a way to do it ?? I know I can change the frequency by changing the config.txt but it requires a reboot.
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3 votes
1 answer

Power consumption and instruction cycle frequency

I am making a small, mobile device that depends on batteries. It will only require a high CPU frequency occasionally and is at a low frequency the rest of the time. The default frequency is 700MHz. ...
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2 answers

How can I change the frequency?

I would like to change the frequency of the RPI, how can I do that, I'm using low level programming. Also how can I get the used memory and free memory?
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