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Questions tagged [use-by-children]

This is for questions about how to make the Pi safer for children to use, or to teach them basic computing skills.

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-2 votes
1 answer

Children: Concerned with lead and other substances in handling a Raspberry Pi without case?

Most electronics are able to use lead and other toxic substances at levels that are safe to use because people don't normally touch the insides. A lot of Raspberry Pi components have no case, may be ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Any parental control tools for the Raspberry Pi 4?

Kids in my local elementary school are more reliant on online learning during worldwide coronavirus stay-at-home lockdown. Almost all of their schoolwork can be done within just a browser. Does the ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Whitelist internet filter

I want to set my small kids loose on the Raspberry Pi with Scratch 2.0 and without having to worry about them accidentally ending up in the undesirable parts of the web. I have set up ...
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25 votes
8 answers

Is it possible to receive an electric shock by touching a Raspberry Pi while it's on?

This is a question of safety for children using the device while they are still being shipped without a case. The USB power source is expected to provide 5V and at least 700mA. Is this enough to give ...
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20 votes
7 answers

If I plug my headphones into the audio jack, how do I control the volume?

This will be useful to know before I start just in case the volume is turned to the maximum by default. Also, more importantly, will the maximum volume be high enough to cause immediate hearing ...
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