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Questions tagged [v4l2]

v4L2 is the second version of Video4Linux, a collection of device drivers and an API for supporting realtime video capture.

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1 answer

Error loading bc2835-v4l2 driver, Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

disclaimer: I am new to OpenCV and Raspberry Pi, although I have a fair amount of experience with linux systems in general Here is what I am attempting to accomplish: I am trying to use a Raspberry ...
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0 answers

Multiple webcams - cannot open in openCV & corrupted image

I've connected four USB webcams via well powered USB hub to RasPi2. I want to use them in openCV. So I setup a simple program, where I opened the cameras using cvCaptureFromCAM, captured a cv::Mat and ...
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1 answer

Tiny picture using opencv2 and v4l2 driver

I'm using opencv2 and V4L2 driver on my pi and have managed to get a tiny picture out of the Raspberry Pi Camera Module with the following script: #!/usr/bin/env python import cv2 camera_port = 0 #...
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avconv version 9.14 streaming video (using UV4L driver RaspiCam) and video (using ALSA) to ustream, no audio

I'm using avconv to read from /dev/video0 (which is attached to my RPi camera via UV4L) and also reading audio from my microphone using ALSA and stream it live on It works just fine to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Setting camera module to /dev/video0 to scan QR Codes using zbar

I'm trying to use the library zbar to scan qr codes using Raspberry pi's camera module. I've connected and tested the camera, but I don't know how to access that from the library because it isn't on /...
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38 votes
8 answers

RasPi Camera Board and Motion

I just got my Camera Board and a Model A Raspberry Pi to use as a security camera for my house. I had been using Motion with a Logitech C170 USB camera on my Model B board and it worked great except ...
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