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Questions relating on how to input analog or digital video into the Pi. Do not use this tag when the video is transported via network towards the Pi.

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Rasbperry pi 5 Camera ZWO ASI715MC

I have been trying to solve the problem with connecting ZWO ASI715MC cameras via USB for a long time. The system does not see the device as dev/video0. Information I found about the camera connected ...
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Solution to Picam(s) poor auto exposure with Motion?

i've got pi-cams: v1, v1 IR, v2 NoIR, v2 IMX219-D160 wide, and none of them can dynamically adjust it's auto-exposure/brightness by itself, when used as CCTV by Motion. they somewhat try but outputs ...
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Can you merge graphic text with a transparent background over a video loop on raspberry pi and output to HDMI?

Is there a way to use a Raspberry Pi to play a video loop from an SD card in folder1, and then using a chroma key, remove the green screen in the background of a graphic text in folder2 (Or perhaps ...
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Trying to do hardware H264 encoding with gstreamer on a Raspberry Pi 4B

I am attempting to do hardware-accelerated H264 encoding on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I am running bullseye with an aarch64 kernel and a 32-bit userland: ben@raspberrypi:~ $ cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME=&...
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Hardware-encoding (h264_v4l2m2m) a MJPEG stream from a webcam

I have a 1080p webcam connected to a Raspberry Pi 4B over USB. The camera supports the following formats: Raw : yuyv422 : YUYV 4:2:2 Compressed: mjpeg : Motion-JPEG ...
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Building a top-down parking camera [closed]

I'm looking to build something like this using a Pi. As I understand it, it needs to handle 4 simultaneous video streams + perspective transformations and output it to a display. I'm not very ...
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python (2/3) functions to use a USB-camera? [closed]

After many attempts using pygame, or OpenCV to capture and display pictures from a standard USB-camera I decided to ask this question. Mplayer worked with all cameras I have tested (a=Logitech, b=...
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RGB888 as input to Raspberry Pi

I need to give RGB888 data coming from one of my hardware into a Raspberry Pi and should be able to see the video feed via a script just like raspivid. Methods to interface Pi to DPI is available. I ...
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Picamera: intermitent purple snowstorm - EMI or software issue?

I have recently tried a NoIR camera in my new appartment and started getting this strange interference, see photo below. I comes and goes randomly but happens mostly at night in a dark room. Sometimes ...
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Pi Zero Virtual file system on USB Mass Storage Device

I want to build an application (node.js, python, c, I don't care) that sets up a virtual file system like FAT32 or NTFS. Next, I want to expose this virtual disk through the USB Mass Storage gadget of ...
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How can I stream video from an HDMI device over a local network?

The goal: To stream video and audio output from an HDMI device to a computer over a local network in real time. For example, streaming the HDMI output from an Xbox 360 to a computer on the same ...
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Video inputs for screen capture

I want to make the Raspberry Pi to be an external capture device for the PC screen. I don't want to use software on the Windows PC, I want to make the Raspberry Pi some kind of DVR/PVR. Is it possible?...
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