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Questions related to playing or editing video on the Raspberry Pi, both in SD and HD.

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omxplayer: h.264 bitrates and encoding settings for stutter-free playback

We just received six Raspberry Pi boards with 512mb ram and plan to use them for HDMI playback. Initial tests were working great with omxplayer, but we are experiencing extreme stuttering issues for ...
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How to disable local terminal showing through when playing video

Any local terminal text (login prompt, etc) is showing through areas of the screen that are not covered by video (i.e. the black bars on the top and bottom) when I use a remote terminal to play video ...
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Dump video from webcam to file

I am trying to capture a video with a webcam (Logitech c270) and dump it to a file. However, at 1280x960, I get about 3fps using ffmpeg with the following command: ffmpeg -f video4linux2 -...
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what is the best video camera and gps to connect with raspberry pi [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I attach a GPS receiver? I am looking to start a project which will map an area capturing video on gps position with raspberry pi. I am looking for small camera and ...
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Can't get Pi to work with a Sony SDM-S74 DVI-D monitor

I have just bought a new RaspberryPi that I'm trying to get working with a Sony DVI monitor. I'm hoping someone can help me. I installed Raspbian on a 8GB card, connected the Pi to a Sony SDM-S74 ...
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Why does the Raspberry Pi need a MPEG-2 licence?

Since August 24 2012, it is possible to buy a licence to hardware-decode MPEG-2 videos. Here are my questions: Does it mean that, without this licence, the RPi cannot handle at all MPEG-2 video, or ...
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How can I move the terminal?

For some reason my TV is cutting off about 4 or 5 characters from the screen of my Raspberry Pi. I am using Raspbian, but it occurred with Arch as well. Could it be that I have an HDMI to Component ...
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Ideal Handbrake x264 settings for encoding videos

What are the ideal settings to take advantage of the hardware decode abilities of the processor and still steer clear of any features that would require software decode or inability to correctly ...
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Is there a way to smoothly play video directly from a Blu-ray drive? [closed]

I tried to play compressed .mkv and compressed .m2ts and it works perfectly with omxplayer. I am just curious to know if I overclock my Pi to run .m2ts straight from a Blu-ray so it will not be laggy.
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How to exit omxplayer without command line?

I'm running default raspbian with the desktop environment. If I start omxplayer without allocating a console, I have no access to the control keys and can't get it to exit. Am I doing something wrong? ...
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What is the best way to access a DRM flash sites like Hulu or YouTube?

What is the best way to access DRM Flash sites like Hulu or YouTube using the Raspberry? I have a Neuros (Ubuntu) box on the same network that runs these sites now using the Flash plug-in.
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Media player for Debian Squeeze

I would like to install a media player, but I don't know what players are available to install. I have tried to install VLC although it does not work. I am using Debian squeeze.
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Can the video acceleration on the Raspberry Pi be used for video compression for surveillance and recording?

I was wondering about installing the Raspberry Pi as a video recording device and connecting a USB camera to it. Of course, I'd rather compress it using something like MPEG. Does the hardware support ...
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DSI video connector

On the left of the Raspberry logo, there is a DSI connector. I am not familiar with this standard. What sort of displays can I connect to using this connector? And can I buy these displays off the ...
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Can I use dual monitors? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to use multiple monitors or displays? The Pi provides two video outputs, HDMI and composite. I gather for the most part they're designed to be used separately, ...
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Can I stream 1080p video from the Pi?

We all know the Pi can play 1080p video no problem, but is it fast enough to act as the basis for a file server that can stream 1080p video over its wired network connection? I'm thinking of using ...
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Are there hardware-incompatible video codecs?

Are there any video codecs that are not compatible with the Raspberry Pi based on hardware requirements?
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What's the quickest way to start playing a movie after attaching power?

I want my Raspberry Pi to start looping a predefined .mp4 movie (/home/oliver/awesome.mp4) as soon as possible after attaching power to the device. This has to happen without any user interaction and ...
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Running 1080p video from within XOrg smoothly

The 1080p examples that work outside of X.Org run very smoothly on my Pi, but within X.Org they don't run very smoothly at all at the moment. Given that X.Org is currently not GPU-accelerated, this ...
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What is the simplest way to setup and run XBMC?

How can I get XBMC on my Raspberry Pi? I'm not particularly interested in running a specific operating system. My primary desire is to run XBMC on a Raspberry Pi. According to this official post, ...
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