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VSCODE integration of debugging Raspberry Pico with Debug probe. On MacOS host platform not able to configure

I asked the same question in but it may be more appropriate to ask this question here: I have been pulling my hair out trying to configure VSCode on MacOS to support the debugging of ...
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Running Vs code or code-server on raspberry pi 0 w

I wanted to use vs code or code-server on my raspberry pi 0 w, I know that they is not compatible and that the board is not very powerful, has anyone found a way to install vs code or code-server etc ...'s user avatar
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Unable to connect to the raspberry pi through SSH

I have a raspberry pi 3 with Debian os and I am unable to connect to it via ssh through VS code.The pi has already been configured and has a username and password. The raspberry pi shows the message ‘...
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How to code for a raspberry Pi in windows? [duplicate]

I know this question has been asked before, but I couldnt find any way for pycharm... I want to code on my windows pc with librarys which are only available for the raspberry pi and deploy it ...
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Remote Visual Studio Code on Rasperry Pi via X11

Is it possible to transport the VSCode window via X11? I've set up an headless RPi v3B+ and installed the 32-bit ARM Version of VSCode. I connect to the PI via ssh ssh -Y [email protected]. Graphical ...
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Running VSCode on raspberry pi 4 running Ubuntu

I recently saw VSCode getting official support on raspian but was wondering if it's possible to install on an Ubuntu device somehow? I would really like to live share some of my code from my windows ...
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How to run an application with elevated privileges [closed]

I have installed VS Code on my Pi. Now I see a problem, I cannot edit and save all the files. Like files that I used to update using nano editor inside the config folders, cannot be edited and saved ...
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