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Selenium on raspberry pi zero 2w

I've been trying to run selenium webdriver on raspberry OS. Basically what I did: pip3 install selenium sudo apk-get install chromium-chromedriver And run this script: from selenium import webdriver ...
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Selenium on raspberry - headless firefox not working as expected

i wrote a python code using selenium to interact with a headless browser. I altered the code a little for the use on the raspberry. The code for the PC works fine, but on the raspberry it stops to ...
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Latest Firefox/Chrome possibilities

I have a project that requires me to run Selenium. For this I need webdriver to interact with browsers. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running the latest Raspbian. Currently I was only able to get Chromium ...
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chromedriver and selenium-webdriver -> unable to connect to chromedriver

I wnat to run a ruby code with the selenium-webdriver on my raspberry pi. I've installed chromium-browser via apt-get. Ruby and selenium-webdriver are also installed. I've created a symlink for the ...
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ruby and selenium-webdriver -> Address family not supported by protocol - socket(2) (Errno::EAFNOSUPPORT)

I want to run a ruby script on my Raspberry Pi. I've installed ruby via rvm. I'm sure, i'm using the right version: $ rvm current ruby-1.9.3-p194 when i run my script, then i get following: ./test....
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