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Weston is the reference implementation of a Wayland window manager.

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VC4 — GL setup not working

I am trying to run chromium as weston-client using ArchArm on a RPI 3+ b, but I am unable to make it use GL. Setup: Basic »AArch64« installation as described here Package Installation: wayland ...
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Wayland: Install a GNOME 3 Desktop (pilfs)

I have built PiLFS on my Raspberry Pi 2. I have also build Wayland/Weston on it. But, I want to install a GNOME 3.20.x desktop on it. How would I do so?
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Error when running X apps with XWayland: "cannot open display: :0"

I'm trying to run a simple X app under Weston using XWayland, but I get an error. I launch Weston as follows: $ weston-launch With the command-line argument as suggested here (...
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Wayland/Weston freezes

I have freshly installed last Raspbian and updated it. When computer boots up to console, I log in and start command weston-launch. The output of command is something about initializing Raspberry Pi's ...
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Weston examples on Raspberry Pi

I've just successfully compiled and installed Wayland and Weston on my raspberry box (running Raspbian) following these instructions However, when I run ...
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