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Wicd (Wireless Interface Connection Daemon) is an open source software utility to manage wireless and wired networks. wicd-curses is its curses interface that can be run from the terminal without an X server session.

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Wicd break my internet connection on RPI3B

I have RPI3B and I am getting terrible experiences while trying to put it online. At my place I have access to network with cable (I need to change MAC) and to secured wifi. Both works with all other ...
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Setting up WiFi on a RaspberryPi B with an Edimax EW-7811Un

I have tried countless tutorials, but really none of them worked. No matter how I change my interfaces or wpa_supplicant.conf files - nothing worked. I even tried wicd-curses but somehow the program ...
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configuring network access via wifi dongle (adapter) FAILED

I have a Wifi adapter for the Raspberry Pi that I want to use to get access to the Wifi network. I have done all the steps from this tutorial, using Wicd-curses, the wifi network was detected and I ...
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Cannot connect to wifi using wicd-curses

I have just recently purchased a raspberry pi 2 the GUI interface is very different from my other raspberry pi b+ i have successfully connected my other raspberry pi to the internet using the ...
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How to make ssh process not end when connection is lost

I am trying to use wicd-curses to connect my raspberry pi to a wifi network, and for that I am accessing the pi through ssh having it connected to the wifi network created by my iphone. The thing is ...
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"Could not resolve" errors with wicd-curses static configuration

I'm running a minimal Raspbian build (desktop GUI removed) and have connected to the network by wicd-curses. I've configured it with a static IP, and am now on the network and can ssh in. But the Pi ...
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