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Questions tagged [wireguard]

Wireguard is a new (released 2020) open source VPN implementation.

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How do I block access to my Raspberry Pi outside of Pivpn Wireguard VPN?

I am running a PiVPN Wireguard installation on my Pi. I have multiple docker services running on the Pi as well. My setup works. I can connect to my VPN and access all the services. The problem is ...
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Wireguard breaks internet access on my pi

Wish to use my raspberry pi as a wireguard server. connecting Pi to my router via Ethernet cable, Router assigns pi ip Confirmed the pi now has internet access by using laptop to SSH into ...
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Raspberry Pi as Access Point (based on systemd/networkd) and Wireguard - Routing issues

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running Buster (which I can't upgrade due to some legacy software packages running on it), configured as an access point. Incoming connections use the onboard wifi and ...
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Detect network change

I have a raspberry pi with OS 2022-09-22-raspios-bullseye-arm64.img.xz. I have installed a wireguard so that it connects to my own vpn and I have created a service so that as soon as it is turned on ...
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Set up Wireguard AP and SMB Server on the same Pi

I have a Raspberry Pi that I'm using as a SMB server for a few months now. I'm using raspbian without graphical interface on it. I wanted it to be able to have a Wi-Fi Access Point that sends traffic ...
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PiHole with Recursive DNS not Handshaking with Wireguard setup via PiVPN

Expected Behaviour: I've set my Router to use my PiHole along with Wireguard to use it as a VPN. I've set it up using PIVPN and some tutorials on Youtube. I have included Screenshots of my router and ...
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3 answers

Can't connect to PiVPN (WireGuard) - what am I missing?

I'm looking for some help to get my PiVPN running correctly. I have PiHole installed on a Raspberry Pi and I'm now trying to install PiVPN on it to be able to make use of the ad blocking while I'm on ...
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Connection too slow using RPi 4 and Wireguard

I setup a local home VPN on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2019 Quad Core (4GB of RAM) running Ubuntu 20.04 connected to my home router using ethernet. I used PiVPN with Pihole for the setup. I setup the ...
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Extremely slow WireGuard speeds?

I am using PiVPN WireGuard and Pi-hole to get ad-blocking when I am not at home. I am also using it to access a web server I have setup in the LAN. My home router speeds are ~120-150mbps up/down, and ...
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Connect to wireguard server running on raspberry

I have installed Wireguard Server on my Raspberry Pi using pivpn. Everything works well except for one thing. The Raspberry server has an IP address of I have a simple socket messenger ...
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1 answer

Unable to find raspberrypi-kernel-headers package

I'm trying to get Wireguard going on my RPi, just to mess around with it. I think I correctly followed the various directions I've seen about how to get up-and-running, but I can't find the ...
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1 answer

Rasperry Pi wireguard configuration and user access

I'm trying to setup Wireguard on my Raspberry Pi, which kind of succeed, but now I have problems with additional configuration of it. Is there a way to allow some users to see other computers in local ...
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1 answer

Use WireGuard with container on a Raspberrly Pi. Building container (Image) failes

I would like to use a container to run WireGuard on my Raspberry Pi. I installed Podman and Buildah succesfully. I created a conatiner with Alpinelinux (for the RB) and try to install Wireguard in it. ...
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4 answers

Wireguard "Unknown device type" "Protocol not supported"

I recently installed Raspberry Pi OS on my Pi 3b. After some basic configuration and running raspi-config, I installed wireguard using apt and the debian backport repos, according to a tutorial. I ...
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How can I re-recognize my Raspberry (4 Modell B) display (Bruphny 4.0) like it was recognized per default with a fresh Raspbian Buster install?

1. Summarizing the problem No display ( after LVM tutorial anymore. 2. Providing details and any research After using this Tutorial (Easy backups and ...
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Wireguard VPN Raspberry Pi CLIENT

Does any one have any experience in connecting to a Wireguard VPN from a Raspberry pi? The VPN is set up correctly and I can connect to it using my phone and laptop but I can't get any info on ...
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