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How to enable ssh semi-headless (I have a keyboard but no monitor)

Raspberry Pi 400 just arrived, very excited! I can connect it to my laptop via direct Ethernet and ping it. Unfortunately, the monitor won't be here for a while... and I'm eager to get going. All I ...
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Want to increase the respberry pi zero w hotspot area

I m looking forward for a solution to increase the respberry pi hotspot length right now its 100 m approx for each respberry pi is it possible we can increase the range by using some external devices. ...
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Disabling IPv6 to fix name resolution issues on LAN

I have a conventional LAN configuration. It consists of a router/firewall/gateway running OPNsense, and a variety of hosts - mostly Macs, RPis, Ubuntus, my WiFi APs and the usual phones and video ...
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