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I've ran in to the same problem running Ubuntu Server 20.04 (64-bit) on my Pi4. Its happened twice, both times after sudo reboot. (at first I thought it was because I downloaded then uninstalled vmlinux to build another machine, I didn't do this the second time around so know that isn't the case). seems to me to be a problem with Ubuntu, I'll be installing ...


There are instructions on how to install build MelonDS from source in the creator's GitHub page:


MelonDS isn't available for the Raspberry Pi then, but you can use DeSmuMe, a close alternative. It's very slow though, because the Raspberry Pi has a limited amount of RAM, and DeSmuMe uses a LOAD of that. Install it using: sudo apt install desmume I wouldn't install it DIRECTLY onto the Pi, though. You can use RetroPie, but this is unstable. There's a ...

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