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Within Apache you could use the alias option in the configuration file for the site as per this answer I gave a while ago but in this case there are two better options as you want the whole site to move. Note the rest of this answer assumes your external drive is mounted to /mnt/external and the directory 'website' is the new root directory (i.e. holding ...


In recent version of Raspbian MySQL is replaced with MariaDB which is fork of the MySQL and 100% backward compatible with MySQL. To install and setup mariadb follow this tutorial


Not a great idea as security settings can get in a right mix as the web pages (and services) run under the user www-data and not the user pi. If you determined to do this (and it's really not a good idea for security of the website) then Apache lets you do it with the alias module (mod_alias). Once enabled, you can set something like the following: Alias /...

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