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I already had installed libglib2.0-dev package, but the installed version was too new for libpulse-dev. The solution was to install libpulse-dev using aptitude. Aptitude did automatically downgrade libglib2.0-dev to the required version.

1 is selected by the Raspbian mirror redirector (, which is not a "real" mirror server). To speed up, you can specify the nearest mirror server in /etc/apt/sources.list, by replacing the to the nearest server's "real" address. The nearest server could be found here: http://raspbian....


sudo apt-get remove lirc sudo apt-get install lirc


You have provided no evidence of any problem. I know of no way of blocking a mirror, but you can change the mirror used. Select a mirror from Then edit /etc/apt/sources.list substituting a local mirror for A more verbose set of instructions are in

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