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I had the same problem. Found out I had connected the wrong power supply (only good for 600mA) but it was reading 5.0009V. Connected the 2.5A Pi PS and it worked fine.


I've been in the same situation, wanting to run Arch on my Pi with only the MacBook without Linux. Requirements: USB Stick + SD Card + Live Linux If you haven't got a USB SD card reader, you can write a Debian live image (or any favorite LIVE distro) to the USB stick, on macOS, using, for example, balenaEtcher or the dd utility from Terminal, then you can ...


Everything looks OK. Perhaps try: (1) Set lower speed - spi.max_speed_hz = 100000. And if problem does not go away, (2) Send/recv less bytes, 1, 2, or 3 bytes or (3) Setup more SPI channels to compare and contrast (See Appendix A below.) The reason for setting SPI speed to as low as 100kHz is to reduce noise, ringing, spikes/glitches etc. ...

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