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Without digging down to the root cause (which I belive lies in ALSA configuration files asound.conf / .asoundrc), a practical solution to such problems is to install pulseaudio (along with its GUI configuration interface, pavucontrol) and set up the default audio sink there.


If everything is going okay then you have to find these: Did you set the output from audio menu which is at upper-right side of task bar? Is your output forced or not from boot menu. If you find these issues then solve then sequencially. Or check your USB card.


I'm not a 100% sure but think some kind of compression would help. You could use a software like Audacity where you would just import the file and export it as an mp3 with a bitrate of around 192kbps. You could also use an online converter like this: If it still sounds scratchy you should probably lower the bitrate and try ...


Answered my own question with help from this link from Mark Hills Once you have bluealsa working and can connect devices and play, then these additional steps open up dmix capability and allow audio mixing. Install loop module once only. modprobe snd-aloop Edit /etc/asound.conf for each bluetooth connection - i.e. if you change device, update this file. ...

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