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It may have happened because of using HSP/HFP or something else. You should use A2DP to connect the headset. To do it. check this link out to configure your raspberry pi.


I fixed it in a roundabout way by installing bluez and bluetooth tools. There are still 4 bluetooth items in the taskbar, but only bluez works. I can connect with it, so I guess this is answered.


Install the following: sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth blueman Make sure to reboot pi after this installation. Now on your raspberry pi console, click on Bluetooth -> add your device and check by sending your files.


RPi 3B only has one antenna on board, so yes, it will be shared. Sharing is managed by the adapter firmware which is closed-source. Even if done right, it will not be as good as separate antennas. You can get a USB dongle for either WiFi or BT (and use that instead of the built-in adapter) to get two separate antennas.

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