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maybe the card is not supported or the ISO is broken, try to use the ISO from UPP DUMP


The solution was to omit the rpi-update in the setup and to add this like at the beginning of the /boot/cmdline.txt of the SSD: usb-storage.quirks=152d:0578:u That will disable UAS protocol and use USB Mass Storage protocol instead, which usually gets the JMicron adapters working, but if you are using an SSD it's not a true fix, because those adapters with ...


One big problem is that you used rpi-update. It is declared to be unstable and should not be used without advice of developers. It could leave your RPi unbootable. You should really revert its installation and try again.


A SD Card has a limited lifetime with writing cycles to it. When this limit is reached it goes into read only mode to be able to backup the data before the card completely fails. So I strongly recommend to use a new SD Card and clone the old one as long as it is possible. I would keep using the old one as little as possible. The first step should be to take ...


Debian does NOT have a root login (for good reasons) but there should be no need to ever login as root. No distribution allows root to use a GUI. It may be possible, but you will not find "something simple". Incidentally 'chang(ing) the login name pi" is not simple, nor is it recommended. If you want another user create one, and leave pi alone....

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