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The short answer is this is possible but there is no simple setting that you change and it just works. It takes a lot of effort. You can't do this directly because ext4 is not a valid format for an initial ramdisk. You must convert the filesystem prior to boot. Mount the Raspbian root partition on another Linux system and then create a CPIO archive of all ...


You should use the command sudo crontab -e and make cron start a bash file that contains your sudo ./fm_transmitter -f 104.0 -r song.wav. So make a bash file like /home/pi/fm_transmitter -f 104.0 -r song.wav and let crontab run that.


I managed to get Alpine 3.10.2 to boot to the command prompt with HDMI after I copied from a Manjaro Arm for RPI4 install image the following files: bootcode.bin *.dat *.elf then edited config.txt No USB keyboard - working on it...

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