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Etcher isn't available for Raspberry Pi. It's binaries are for Windows, macOS, or linux provided that the linux is running on x86 (Intel or AMD) hardware. Raspberry Pi is based on ARM and is not compatible. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do (i.e. Why did you want to install Etcher on a Raspberry Pi?) If trying to create a bootable OS image ...


Balena Etcher is available for Raspberry pi. you have to download the arm version from git Then follow the instruction procedure(This worked on 64 bit UBUNTU on RPi4). Alternatively you can use rpi-imager.


SOLUTION In the source folder of Sakis3g there was a file that could be disassembled - modified - and compiled. The timeout threshold was set to 20sec in this file and by changing it to a higher number Sakio3g kept searching for the connection until the usb-modem found a network connection. Code /urs/bin/sakis3g disassemble /tmp cd /tmp/sakis3g-0.2.0e/ ...

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