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How to revert misconfigured BOOT_ORDER value on RPI4?

Download and install the Raspberry Pi Imager on your Mac, Linux computer or Windows PC. Use it to install a bootloader* onto an SD card. Boot the Raspberry Pi using the SD card. The bootloader will be ...
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What password to use to log in after the first boot?

With Raspberry pi OS (previously called Raspbian) release of April 2022, the default user and password was removed, making it impossible to login via uart directly after installation for instance. It ...
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Switching between kernel versions in raspberry pi 4

It's odd that all those module directories have been left around; apt usually removes them when a new kernel is installed. RpiOS implements the unusual (GNU/Linux wise) policy of replacing kernels on ...
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Raspberry Pi Desktop always launches into the first install wizard

I finally got this to work -- many tries Installed VM with hyper-v using tutorial on when the RPi image boots it will loop in the ...

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