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Choose from SD or USB boot every time I power on the Pi 5?

A bit of a kluge, but you could try changing boot order in rapsi-config to the second option, which is NVMe, then USB, then SD card. In the absence of one booting should try the next on the list.
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Problem installing centos7 on raspberry pi 4b

When the Pi powers up, the first thing the SoC does is look for a (v)fat formatted partition at the beginning of the MBR style formatted SD card (unless you have configured it to use a different boot ...
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Raspberry Pi's 4 no longer boot with "mmc1: Controller never released inhibit bit(s)" error

My PI's are again working as expected. Long story short, I deleted the pre-configuration within the RPi-Imager and everything worked fine with an SD-Card after activating the config option ...
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RPi 4B no boot - Power OK (red LED) but no Activity (green LED)

Posting an answer for future reference. I finally gave up and tried to order a new Pi 4b, but at the time (May 2022), due to supply chain issues, it was no longer available. I purchased a Pi 5 last ...
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