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C++: Linking failing on Pi 1 B+ for class members, but the same code compiles on Ubuntu

Turns out it was an issue with the makefile causing one source in the library to be compiled twice instead of compiling two different files. Still unsure why this was only happening on Raspberry Pi ...
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Need advice building python code to read Temperature/RH sensor on RPi

EDITED: Add read MANUFACTURE ID EDITED: Changed time and read Try this and see how far you get and what needs to be focus on. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import smbus import time # I2C address of the ...
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Using DMA + PIO to write function sample points to a DAC chip periodically

After a lot of searching - and looking at existing PIO programs -, I've found the missing puzzle piece, it's a call to pio_sm_set_consecutive_pindirs. If anyone wants to look at the full fixed code, ...
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20mhz GPIO signal: possible on Raspberry Pi models?

I seriously doubt that you could output data at that speed; the fastest code I have used can (just) exceed 20Mbps on a Pi4 (just toggling a pin). (Outputting multiple bits with custom code is just as ...
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