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One option would be to check the Ethernet MAC address, but this can be spoofed. An alternative would be to use the serial number in /proc/cpuinfo such as in this Xojo thread. Such efforts should prevent most of the casual copying. However, a determined programmer can defeat that as well. See Dimitry's answer on a different thread.


I can confirm, after having used the Bela shield on top of a Beaglebone Black, that its latency is extremely low (<1ms) and quite capable of doing calculations on audio. The normal shield has 2 jack microphone inputs and 1 jack stereo output. Strictly speaking, you have to buy the version that comes with jack adapters, though. I do believe more inputs/...


Question Convert linux C++ printer program to Rpi python Answer The slightly tricky part is that Rpi has no write 8 bit port function. So we need to DIY our own virtual 8 bit port by abstracting 8 GPIO pins as one fake 8 bit port. We can then write a fake write fake 8 bit port function, ... References Centronics/Parallel Port Printer Cable - ...


To be able to link an SQLite3 program you need the libsqlite3 (run-time) and libsqlite3-dev (development) libraries installed. Install those with sudo apt install libsqlite-dev (which will pull in the run-time dependency).

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