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Running Raspberry OS under emulation will not give you access to the Pi Camera on the hardware doing the emulation. I'd suggest you ask your friend to provide you with a collection of the images you are trying to recognise. Then write your Python code on your PC in Python. If you are careful the Python code should port easily over to your friend's Raspberry ...


Confirmed, power supply was to blame. According to info from the web, Pi Zero W may draw up to 1.3 amps, while a cheap charger may be supplying less than 0.5 amps. Model 4 can draw up to 3 amps, which very few standard chargers will supply, lucky I got Raspberrys own power supply for that one.


The problem appears to be related to the line that raspi-config inserts into config.txt, gpu_mem=128 Remove the SD card, put into another computer, remove this line. The camera now works.


Use showmewebcam showmewebcam boot from SD card showmewebcam-usbboot no SD card needed uses USBBoot.

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