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Is the waveshare 2.7 e-paper HAT ink display the right display for a pico?

You need the pico version. The regular version will NOT work. The regular version is designed for the regular raspberry pi, whereas the pico version is designed for the Pico. However, if you are ...
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Circuitpython: ValueError: GP0 in use. How to reset GPIO pin?

The question seems to be asking for the Raspberry Pico equivalent of the cleanup() function that is discussed here for the Raspberry Pi. After looking at the objects that were used such as digitalio ...
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Possible to send data from a Pi Pico via USB while running CircuitPython?

You can do it via USB HID, re. the Pico works as a Keyboard, sending data to a connected computer.
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CircuitPython Interface with I2C Device

So Adafruit makes a dev board with this part on it already. As such they also have a very public very useful github repo. Using this I can now communicate with the device, exploring the rest of the ...
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Detecting connection between two arbitrary GPIO pins on Pico

Even though I think the question is off-topic I'll give an answer. You can't 100% tell in software if two or more GPIO are connected. All you can do is notice that one or more GPIO always seem to ...
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