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Use both internal and external activity LED?

An alternative answer to duplicating a led is to create another in /boot/config.txt using dtoverlay=gpio-led[,gpio|label|trigger|active_low]=<val> eg. dtoverlay=gpio-led,gpio=25,label=...
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2 votes

config.txt : Hostname

In the 'modern' Raspberry Pi Imager using the cog wheel in the first screen allows you to set some presets including the hostname but also wifi configuration, default user name, whether SSH is enabled ...
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1 vote

Minimal config.txt for enabling UART0

Do not fiddle with config.txt; enable serial in raspi-config. tty/AMA0 is connected to Bluetooth. DO NOT use AMA0 use /tty/serial0.
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Turn on raspberry PI from an input GPIO pin without ground

Doing something (forcing a signal) to the PI GPIO (and to any electrical or electronic circuit really) requires a "reference" pin, which is this case is GND. You can do something along the ...
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