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Question How can Rpi read DIY PH-4502C pH Sensor? Answer DIY PH-4502C pH Sensor has an analog output. So you can use a multimeter to read the analog values and use a voltage to pH values table to find the pH value. You can also use Rpi to interface an ADC eg, MCP3008, and convert the ADC results to pH values. I am summarizing some of my findings below. ...


This is not a Pi problem. Devices used as hotspots generally DO NOT allow through connections. Similar issues arise using Internet Connection Sharing on a PC.


Same problem here, 8 clients connected, no more. RPI4 (4g ram), Buster updated. In the end, @pelwell is right here #3010 (comment), so if you're just looking to increase the number of connected clients, then take a look at this table iiab/iiab#823. Take (follow the link) and replace /var/lib/firmware/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin (of course, make a backup ...


You could maybe try a web interface with flask if your remote device and controller are both connected to wifi - here's some links to help you with that Intro to flask on raspberry pi Flask video streaming Using GPIO with flask Hope that helps and good luck with your project :)


There are really two parts to this question. Can you boot from floppy, and can you put an OS on a floppy. As to whether you can put an OS on a floppy, yes of course you can. Quite apart from the good old days of MS-DOS 3.1, CP/M, et al, I have written small OS that will run from a floppy, it isn't difficult. As an intellectual exercise or learning process, ...

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