Answer As per the comments of @joan and @theashwwanisingla I tested the module/sensor and there is 0 resistance between the + and - pins. So this is simply a broken piece of hardware. References (1) DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor User Manual - Components 101 2018jan05 (2) DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module Datasheet - AoSong (3) DHT11 Setup ...


There isn't really a connector to connect those cables to the male pins on your RPi. A common solderless method is using lever connectors like the WAGO 221 series. You use a female-to-male Du-pont jumper cable from the RPi to the lever connector, and connect one of the wires fo the sensor to the other hole on the lever connector.


Raspberry Pi 4 video supports dual 4k HDMI (micro hdmi sockets). Also supported is composite output but it's not clear if this can be used simulataneously as the HDMI ports. It certainly wouldn't be desirable to do this due to processing overhead and visual quality differences between the HDMI and composite outputs. Whilst it may be possible to ...

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