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This may be what you're looking for: SparkFun's Breadboard to JST-ZHR Cable As a bonus, SparkFun sells the SPS30 with the breakout cable for $47 - about HALF the price it goes for on Digikey (without the breakout cable)


All four pins can be connected with wire. digital signal = GPIO 24 [Pin 18 (RPi)] +V = 3,3V [Pin 1 (RPi)] GND = GND [Pin 06 (RPi)] analog signal = Analog 0 [Pin A0 (ADS1115 - KY-053)] I have attached the schematic, hopefully this helps. The sensor has 3 main components on its circuit board. First, the sensor unit at the front of the ...


It has two outputs. One digital and one analogue. To use the analogue output you will need to connect it to an ADC and then connect the ADC to the Pi. To use the digital output you can connect it directly to a GPIO if you power the device from 3V3. If you power the device from 5V you will need to connect the output to a voltage divider and connect the ...

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