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Removing your dbus would have removed most of your installed packages, so I think you would be running a very bare system. I would re-burn an image, but I guess you could try an install a desktop xserver back on it, most likely have to many errors though. Install desktop on Raspberry Pi sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install --no-...


It seems that other network managing packages prevent Network Manager to access wireless. For me the issue resolved by removing dhcpcd5 and openresolve packages : sudo apt-get remove --purge dhcpcd5 openresolve


This is commonly because the pi user's privileges are different on the full version than they are on a Lite installation. For example, user pi on a Desktop RPi system is able to start and control the default Bluetooth controller using bluetoothctl, but not on a RPi Lite system. For example, are you seeing no controller if you use bluetoothctl? pi@...


Some useful commands to get more debug information from the system are: Have the bluetoothctl tool running in a different terminal when you are running your commands and it may give you more information More detailed bluetooth log information can be found with sudo btmon -t |& tee ~/btmon.log DBus debug information is available with dbus-monitor --system

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