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What is the RaspberryPi OS equivelant of ""?

If you are actually using RpiOS, the URLs are in /etc/sources/sources.[list,list.d]. However, redirection is often used and you won't find everything in one place, so your best bet is to observe what'...
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Why does my Raspberry Pi keep on rebooting?

It was the CABLE! Several of them.
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Adding a WiFi network with Python over bluetooth

Here's the solution. It's important to know that you can use raspi-config without the interface on the command line but it's not well documented so you have to look at the source code to figure some ...
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A few questions to Pi4, first post

Raspberry Pi OS 64bit is Debian (they share a common repository). (This differs from Raspberry Pi OS 32bit where code is recompiled for ARM6.) The differences are related to the firmware (VideoCore ...
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