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Ground is Pin 9 just to make sure :P but yes that + sudo nano /boot/config.txt --> add the following line to the end of the file: dtoverlay=rpi-display helped me a lot THX SmuPi just to give another hint Typically you want to see your device booting on the TFT. I.e. your boot console must be mapped to /dev/fb1. Open /boot/cmdline.txt as root: > ...


I haven't tested it, but I remember that you can find the setup wizard on the desktop under the installed applications. Check the menu under "System", "Settings" or similar.


It should still be there, but not autorun. Try running /usr/bin/piwiz in the Run Menu. It doesn't really do anything that can't be done with raspi-config


As I understand it, the tool you accidentally cancelled is known as piwiz.desktop (also known as the "First-run Wizard"), and it is located here: /etc/xdg/autostart/piwiz.desktop. You might first want to check to see if it's still there, and re-start it if you can. Another alternative is to re-flash your SD card using rpi-imager. Follow these ...

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