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This sounds like a classic signal integrity problem. If you have different cables, test those, perhaps you'll find one that your TV likes better than others. You may also consider buying a new one, especially if the ones you have are cheap, thin and no-name. As always, shorter cables work better than longer ones, especially if the cable is the root cause of ...


Being a Pi Linux novice it took me until yesterday to realize I was looking for a hidden file. So using "echo $LS_COLORS >> colors" I was able to get the very long string that controls colors in the "ls" command response. I then edited the .bashrc file which I was finally able to see with "ls -a" (Thanks Ingo). I added the ...


Use this cable. It’s wired in parallel to provide 5 volts and can provide the full amperage needed. Startech part USB2HAUBY1


I stumbled on this thread because of the error message and as a lot of people seem to get it as well, so here is my solution (although it is not exactly what the question was about). The reason why I got the error was simply that my password was wrong. When I set up my raspberry I changed the password by using "sudo passwd", but this did not change ...

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