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Troubleshooting: RPi 4B & ILI9341 display

For the record, with more recent changes in the kernel and Raspi OS it is now easier, the cmdline.txt step is not required and the only thing to do to get it to work (on top of activating the SPI ...
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How to blank a touch screen without loss of signal from HDMI?

DDC/CI for turning off the screen (instead of HDMI DPMS) I've solved it using DDC/CI protocol, with ddcutil tool. Example run commands: ddcutil setvcp D6 0x02; sleep 10s; ddcutil setvcp D6 0x01 ...
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Open app at a specific location on screen

There is a Linux tool called devilspie2 that does what you want. It seems to be in the Raspberry PI OS distribution. Install it with sudo apt-get install devilspie2 The first time you run it, it won'...
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