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How to capture images from 2 webcams parallely using raspberry pi?

import subprocess p1 = subprocess.Popen("sudo fswebcam -d /dev/video0 -r 1280x960 image.jpg", shell=True); p1 = subprocess.Popen("sudo fswebcam -d /dev/video0 -r 1280x960 image2.jpg", shell=True); p1....
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3 votes

Raspberry pi camera not showing up on a raspberry pi zero

Probably a bit late, but i had the same issue and it was impossible to find information, maybe this i'll help someone. My Camera is almost exactly like the one in the photo, and it doesn't have a "...
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2 votes

USB camera not identified

According to the log, the camera connects to the bus and then immediately disconnects. I'd say a power issue is most likely. Disconnect all USB devices and plug just the webcam, see if it stays ...
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2 votes

USB Camera vs Pi Camera

I'll turn my comment into an answer: Yes, it certainly is possible. I've read through a couple guides and my personal choice would be this Github. The readme provides a pretty good tutorial on how to ...
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Raspberry pi camera not showing up on a raspberry pi zero

From the troubleshooting section on the Pi Site for the Camera Error : ENOMEM. The Camera Module is not starting up. Check all connections again From troubleshooting basics .. "Is the Camera ...
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fswebcam - every other attempt results in device busy

I was having the same issue today, here are the steps I followed First, make sure you're using a powered USB hub. We will be resetting the USB to force the OS to reload the webcam. Start here and ...
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1 vote

Problem with usb camera

I had the same issue with my Logitech C905 and was nearly giving up, but then I found the solution in a post on the forum :)
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1 vote

Problem with usb camera

Sorry for the delay posting this answer. As suggested by @SteveRobillard I've measured the voltage at the board while taking a photo and everything was OK. Using SIGUSR1 as suggested by @meuh did not ...
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1 vote

Capture image from webcam without skipping frames everytime?

Most webcams will reinitialize after doing an operation (e.g. taking a picture). You can also observe this behavior on most mobile phones. Best move would be to capture frames from a live video ...
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fswebcam: Unable to find a compatible palette format

It was a DV webcam: apt-get install dvgrab dvgrab - | mplayer -j They may be modules to install or load too (e.g modprobe raw1394)
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