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Those resistors are in fact too high. Section 4.1 "Analog Inputs" (p. 17) and figures 4-1 and 4-2 (p. 18) of the datasheet are of special interest: For the A/D converter to meet specification, the charge holding capacitor (CSAMPLE) must be given enough time to acquire a 10-bit accurate voltage level during the 1.5 clock cycle sampling ...


It seems for me that you try to use OTG Gadget ether mode. This mode emulates a USB connection as ethernet connection so you can use it like a normal network connection. This only works if the USB port is direct connected to the USB on-board device. Only on a Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi Zero W is it the case. I don't know but it seems also be the case with a ...


Seeed Studio has Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi which provides GPIO connectors.


I can't find a clear statement in the MCP3008 spec regarding input current. Personally I suggest trying 27k, 82k and going up from there if it works.


Okay - the problem was a silly one. I just unzipped the raspbian lite img file and copy pasted the disk image. I decided to reformat the sd, and use etcher to write the entire img file to the sd, and BOOM! It works!


I tried solving this with a replacement raspberry pi but it did not work (problem persisted). HOWEVER, last night I removed the usb dongle for my wireless keyboard/mouse and it stayed powered down for the entire night! So I THINK that was the problem. The usb dongle must have been signaling it to power back up (even though the keyboard/mouse were ...


Firstly your title is misleading. You may have shut the Pi down, but not powered off. The CPU halts, but the GPIO and Video Core continue. The Pi will draw slightly less power, because no programs are running, but is still powered up. (See The only reason to do this is so you can safely remove power. ...

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