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Having tried the SD card format program I would be 100% sure the card was dead but as a last gasp you could try using Diskpart in Windows: Run diskpart.exe and in its command window list disk Find the number of the SD Card - double and triple check this is the correct disk (do not blame me if you get it wrong) select disk x where x is the number of the SD ...


So, you suspect a high IO wait. First, make sure that this is the case. Instead of top, try vmstat 5 and let it run. You might even try a shorter interval. Of course, this will merely confirm what your top says for the waitio, but it also shows some additional information. For example: how is your swap doing? If swap in or swap out is high, this uses your ...


set the pullups in config.txt or use raspi-gpio command.


The Raspberry PI 4 uses a Quad-core ARM Cortex A72 processor while the Raspberry PI 3+ uses a Quad-core Cortex A53 processor. The A72 processor is a newer version (2016) of the ARMv8-A architecture than the A53 (2012). The A72 uses out-of-order and speculative execution and other improvements to achieve better performance than the A53. This is analogous ...

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