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SOLVED No HDMI video after boot sequence

This might be the most stupid answer, but I wasted 3 days with troubleshooting just to find the following solution: If your Raspberry Pi is in a case, make sure that it's screwed in correctly and that ...
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Turn off hdmi RPI 4B bookworm

As you're no doubt aware, Wayland is new. In LinuxWorld, new often equates to poorly documented. I wonder if you might have better luck using the older, but better-documented graphics system: X?? I ...
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Question concerning the display (ribbon cable) port on the board

The 'display (ribbon cable) port' is a DSI (Display Serial Interface) screen connection. No you cannot simply use an hdmi to DSI ribbon cable adapter. Quotes below from:
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Screen resultion when using VNC / headless

Installing a HMDI screen emulator dongle in my Raspberry Pi 3B+ worked perfectly for me. No software fiddles required. I can run the Pi headless and have a 1920x1080 resolution over VNC.
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Raspberry Pi HDMI black screen (SSH works fine)

I had the same "black screen" problem after startup and commenting out the "dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d" line in config.txt helped initially, but lacks access to full raspberry pi vc4 ...
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