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How to enable sound on HDMI?

Bullshit! sudo raspi-config System Settings -> Audio -> HDMI
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How to blank a touch screen without loss of signal from HDMI?

DDC/CI for turning off the screen (instead of HDMI DPMS) I've solved it using DDC/CI protocol, with ddcutil tool. Example run commands: ddcutil setvcp D6 0x02; sleep 10s; ddcutil setvcp D6 0x01 ...
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My Raspi4 hdmi won’t sound

Or, in the case of Raspberry Pi 3+ running Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye), the options may be slightly different in Audio > System Options. 0 Headphones 1 MAI PCM i2-hifi-0 Select Option 1 and ...
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AirPlay just through HDMI?

That is interesting, I’m trying to do the exact opposite on my raspberry pi3b and I’m getting output only through the 3.5 mm jack, can please tell me all the steps you followed in order to get the ...
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