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Can I use Raspberry Pi as a USB peripheral device?

Time to provide an updated answer. On the B, B+, 2B, 3B and 3B+ USB device mode is not possible because the USB controller on the SoC is connected to a USB Hub with Ethernet chip, not directly to a ...
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Headless pi zero HID keyboard

I don't know if this helps but it reduces one possible source of error. Doing what the developers from systemd suggest is using a Unit file. Here is a very generic one for your problem. Create a new ...
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Can I use Raspberry Pi as a USB peripheral device?

A lot of work has been done since the time the question was asked. Using some Rasberry Pi models as a USB peripheral device (e.g. mass storage, serial, ethernet, keyboard, mouse) is now possible. ...
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How to map rpi-zero hid-gadget from us to german?

from hak5darren file KEY_NON_US_100 = 100 // 0x64 ASCII_3E = KEY_NON_US_100, MODIFIERKEY_SHIFT // 62 > ASCII_7C = KEY_NON_US_100, MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT // 124 | ASCII_3C = ...
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RPi Zero W as HID keyboard disconnects after connecting

I tried switching cables, and it worked. It turns out the cable that I was using was powering the pi correctly, but I guess something was wrong with it that prevented the pi to be seen as a HID device....
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Can I use Raspberry Pi as a USB peripheral device?

Can the Pi Emulate an HID device with via USB? This can be done with ANY kind of Pi The least-expensive solution is to use the Pi Zero. The text of this link is way too long to post here, but the ...
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