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i2cdetect shows addresses starting from 8

Try i2cdetect -a -y 1 default range is from 0x08 to 0x77 NOTE man i2cdetect will show this (and other options)
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Using TCA9548A for multiple MQ-X gas sensors

It seems to me your earlier question, is a feasible approach. And this one is almost a feasible approach :) All you need to do here is replace the TCA9548A with a Multiplexed A/D Converter. I'll try ...
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How to run Hyperpixel 4.0 on I2C-0 (GPIO's 44&45)?

You can change i2c0 in the usual manner using Device Tree overlay:- dtoverlay -h i2c0 Name: i2c0 Info: Change i2c0 pin usage. Not all pin combinations are usable on all platforms - ...
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