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BME280 sensor: OSError [Errno 5]

set dtparam=i2c_baudrate=100000 (or lower) in /boot/config.txt
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How do I use the I2C bus?

You can also use for Rust if you'd like to use these peripherals on boards like the Raspberry Pi.
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BME280 sensor: OSError [Errno 5]

You have a poor I2C connection. Check that all the pertinent wires are secure and make a good connection. I.e. check power, ground, SDA, and SCL.
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Raspberry PI 4 B 8Gb running 2 ov9281 cameras with camarray hat: ERROR: *** no cameras available ***

Would like to follow up having faced this problem. Solution is to flash the Raspberry pi OS (Legacy-64bit) Debian Bullseye kernal rather than the newer Debian Bookworm Kernal. Follow https://docs....
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