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For those that have the same issue but had a working wireguard set-up, (Linux headers were installed in the past) a bad kernel update may provoke a Linux headers mismatch. I tried the following command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure raspberrypi-kernel-headers and that solved my issue.


dist-upgrade is the kiss of death on Ubuntu. It tries to replace the Pi specific boot code and firmware with EFI code.


The Raspberry Pi OS does not use an Init RAM Disk. If you need one you have to create it by yourself. In addition to the ramdisk you have to add some settings in /boot/config.txt. I have an example to load storage drivers on an early stage. You may have a look at Easy backups and snapshots of a running system with LVM. To get an idea just only look at the ...


Using Win32 Disk Imager, read your SD card and save the image into a file. Then write the image to another SD card and try it.

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