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I also faced the same problem while I was working on it for the first time. But after some debugging, I concluded that after cleanup, the pins go to the default state which is high for few pins and low for some. Trying by not to clean the state of the pins might solve your problem.


For anyone with similar problem: I've mesured the current, used by that module with multimeter and it showed no more than 200mA (i know there is photoresistor, so i measured everything in dark room with that photoresistor covered with black tape). So i soldered it with wires to Rpi ZeroW 3.3v power rail (than you @joan for clarification) to see if anything ...


Try using from gpiozero import LED, Button from signal import sleep Then you can do led = LED(24) button = Button(23) And do button.when_pressed = led.on button.when_released = led.off pause() This makes things simpler, and it might just work. And are you sure your wires are lined up with your button? In the real photo it's hard to tell. Maybe you ...

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