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chrome is designed for ×86 processors only the RPi is an ARM processor but you can give chromium a shot.


This is not Raspberry Pi specific, so I don't understand why this question was migrated. All WLAN hardware will negotiate the optimal bitrate between an AP and a client based on signal strength, error rate and other factors. While you can configure the possible bit rates to some degree, there's no way to keep it "constant", and keeping it "constant" won't ...


Default config for a Pi is DHCP addressing. The router (or switch) assigning the IP to your Pi will assign one from a pool of addresses with an express lease time set for the IP address it assigned (mapped) to the mac address of your WLAN0 interface. Think of this IP as "loaned" to you: it's not yours in perpetuity and the address can be chucked back into ...


By following instructions from, I was able to get the font working in Libreoffice. I had to download a .zip archive containing the font from I extract to desktop the contents of the .zip file. Next I use the File Manager application to create the ...


At first I was using awk/grep to parse fdisk and pull out offsets, but found it could be a bit complicated, flakey, and hard to understand later. The easiest method I have found: IMAGE_FILE="YOUR IMAGE FILE GOES HERE" TMP=$(mktemp -d) LOOP=$(sudo losetup --show -fP "${IMAGE_FILE}") sudo mount ${LOOP}p2 $TMP sudo mount ${LOOP}p1 $TMP/boot/ # do stuff to ${...

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