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flashing a microsd with a bootable OS that already has ssh opened up?

Download and run Raspberry Pi Imager from the website: Raspberry Pi Software Select which type of Pi you have, and then select an image (Raspberry Pi OS Lite is probably the right answer if you're ...
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Raspberry Pi 5 edit / modify temperature limit for the active cooler FAN

In fact "at 50°C, the fan turns on at a low speed (30% speed)" see Cooling Raspberry Pi 5 There does not seem to be any official documentation about setting fan speeds but /boot/firmware/...
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Why is my measured I2C clock frequency significantly slower than its setting?

Found a thread that was experiencing a similar issue, I tried the solution of changing the core frequency scaling governor to performance (as opposed to the default ondemand) using echo performance | ...
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Translate GPIO pwm commands to linux sysfs interface

The sysfs provides no PWM support. You will have to write your own software to switch the GPIO on/off with appropriate delays. To find the frequency and dutycycle of those pwm commands you could use ...
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Mounting exfat drive with read/write permissions for a non root user

I think that most of your questions could be resolved by a thorough reading of man mount.exfat-fuse. But as I read your question, it seems you've sussed the majority of it. By way of explanation, the ...
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Mounting exfat drive with read/write permissions for a non root user

The following worked, but ONLY after a restart (sigh..): UUID=XXXX-XXXX /path/to/mnt/dir exfat users,exec,rw,suid,dev,atime,diratime,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000 0 0
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Uninterrupted, endless SPI transfer - is it possible?

You should be able to get more-or-less uninterrupted SPI transfers using DMA, as described here. There will be a brief pause when one DMA transfer ends and another begins, but that shouldn't be ...
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How to change Raspberry Pi's boot mode from SD Card to USB flash drive?

Changing boot order with Raspberry Pi EEPROM Manager According to the rpi forum thead Raspberry Pi EEPROM Manager (rpi-eeprom-mgr) is a menu-driven front-end for rpi-eeprom-update (which comes ootb ...
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using os.path.expanduser("~") I am getting /root instead of /home/pi

You can use this piece of code as an Alternative solution. from subprocess import check_output homedir: str = check_output('pwd').decode('utf-8') print(homedir) This block of code check_output('pwd'...
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