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Python code cannot detect my i2c address

The I2C bus requires pull-ups to 3V3 on the SDA and SCL pins. GPIO 2 (SDA) and GPIO 3 (SCL) have hard-wired 1k8 ohm resistors fitted on the Pi board. If you use different GPIO for the I2C bus you will ...
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Mounting exfat drive with read/write permissions for a non root user

The following worked, but ONLY after a restart (sigh..): UUID=XXXX-XXXX /path/to/mnt/dir exfat users,exec,rw,suid,dev,atime,diratime,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000 0 0
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Share internet connection from a pi 4 to a pi 0 non W via USB

I tried the Solution from @Jaromanda X but unfortunately it didn't work for me. This instruction helped me very much: Cannot get internet from pizero connected to pi3 via USB (eth0 to usb0) This is ...
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Uninterrupted, endless SPI transfer - is it possible?

You should be able to get more-or-less uninterrupted SPI transfers using DMA, as described here. There will be a brief pause when one DMA transfer ends and another begins, but that shouldn't be ...
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