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The compute module has USB signals on the SODIMM connector. USB_DP and USB_DM are the differential pair used for communication. You should be able to connect any USB device to these. Keep in mind that you will need to connect GND line as well, and in case of host-powered devices (the vast majority of WiFi adapters) you'll need to provide 5V to the adapter as ...


Nice puzzle... You should work toward discovering some more information to narrow this down: You've stated, "All works fine when run directly from /home/pi". From that statement, it would seem that something is different when cron starts your job instead of you (your user id). And indeed it is. Among other things, the environment is different. Once you've ...


Rigth click on desktop → Desktop prefs → Desktop Tab → check the Wastebasket box


I know this is old but for anyone else looking: I have the same issues. Odd thing is, this drive is recognized on my RPi3 but not on my RPi4. As it turns out, I have two of these HDDs. The second is recognized by both so this may be a hardware issue related to some batches of these drives. Related, you can increase power sent to USB ports by updating ...

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