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I don't use Chromium, but there have been reports that Google has been blocking sync on other apps. The only "solution" is to use Google Chrome (which is not available on Raspberry Pi OS). I suggest you try other browsers - I use Vivaldi (which works better that Chromium).


Look at the specs of the graphics card and the Raspberry Pi. If one of the inputs to the graphics card matches one of the outputs from the Raspberry Pi it will work. It might need considerable software effort on your part to make it usable. If there is no match it will not work.


you could set up each pi to periodically run 'iwconfig' and dump output into an html file, (like with a cron job or boot up script) then have a simple web server running on each pi, like nginx. connect to each pi from the desktop and retrieve the html data. (you could also dump the output of vcgencmd measure_temp )

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