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The systemd journal is only transient stored in a /run/log/journal/ which is located in RAM and lost on every reboot. You can make its storage persistent on the SD Card so you can also query old boots. In /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian you will find: To enable persistent logging, create /var/log/journal: mkdir -p /var/log/journal systemd-tmpfiles --...


Thanks above for info on dmesg and last commands. But what I found worked best was viewing var/log/messages and searching for the keyword "Booting": less /var/log/messages | grep Booting and less /var/log/messages.1 | grep Booting. For older archived messages, e.g., messages.2.gz, zcat /var/log/messages.2.gz | grep Booting worked nicely.


last shows a listing of last logged in users. last -x should show what you want, although not directly. last -x shows "the system shutdown entries and run level changes" pi pts/0 Mon Jan 11 17:32 still logged in pi pts/0 Sat Jan 9 18:06 - 13:08 (1+19:01) pi pts/0 fe80::1ca4:...

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