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RasPi Camera Board and Motion

to load the model after each reboot, use this setting sudo nano /etc/modules enter bcm2835-v4l2 exist and save the fle sudo reboot
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How to add raspberry pi / raspbian distro specific build-deps to a Debian package

You're correct that you can't add a build-dependency on libraspberrypi-dev to the Debian package, since there is no such package in Debian. You can't even limit the build-dependency to an architecture ...
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Problems using bcm2835_v4l2 module w/ ffmpeg

This appears to be code for "you haven't assigned enough memory to the GPU". Using the raspivid command in this situation resulted in: mmal: mmal_vc_component_enable: failed to enable component: ...
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RPI 4 - ffmpeg - how to get hardware h.264 decoding to work?

As of July 2021 you can get half way there. There is a V4L2 M2M (memory to memory) interface that is used to access hardware encoders and decoders, and the Pi seems to have pretty good support for ...
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PiCamera fails after a while: Out of resources other than Memory

Might be a bit late on this, but I had a similar problem. I think your problem lies with you instantiating picamera.PiCamera() again. i.e. inside your with statement you are instantiating a PiCamera() ...
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How to directly render pi camera output to display using C++

Nevermind, got it working! I was missing the code to link up the preview component to the camera. Here's the missing code: ... MMAL_CONNECTION_T *preview_connection; // Global variable ... ...
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PiCamera 1.13 docs MMAL example problem

Well, it appears it is a timing issue. I modified the code to include a loop to capture an image and finish when the size of is greater than zero. Obviously slower than the first version ...
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Monitoring hardware accelerated video decoding

I would approach this by checking the output of lsof | grep /opt/vc This will list all processes which access videocore libraries. This can be further narrowed down to a specific library you're ...
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Installing mmal motion on RPi

Install motion from github and build it yourself. This is how to do it: sudo mkdir motion sudo cd motion sudo apt-get install autoconf automake autopoint build-essential pkgconf libtool libzip-dev ...
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Camera errors when running Python script at boot from rc.local

OK, I fixed it. I hope this helps someone... I had used ~/path/to/ as the directory to which I wanted to store the footage taken by my Python code. I replaced this with absolute reference: /...
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Undefined Reference to `vc_gencmd(char *, int, char const *, ...)`

Undefined reference errors have gone when include the vc_vchi_gencmd.h file with extern "C"... declaration; extern "C" { #include "interface/vmcs_host/vc_vchi_gencmd.h" }
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Problems using bcm2835_v4l2 module w/ ffmpeg

As an Update, it looks like this needs 256MB now (got the hint from github)
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RPI-3: Performance issue on FFmpeg with mmal support

After working some frustrating days on same problem, I came to a conclusion: It seems that ffmpeg-versions > 3.1.x are not able to use accelerated (mmal) decoding anymore! I compiled on rpi3 with ...
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Pi camera not working

Burnt camera module. Happened to me once, I had killed the cam although I was super careful.I ran all troubleshooting possible. Apparently, it got fried when I pulled it out while the pi was still on. ...
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