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How to make PCM5102 DAC work on Raspberry Pi ZeroW?

On these purple PCBs there are 5 sets of bridging pads. On the front (component side) there is one pair of pads which may be bridged to tie the SCK (system clock) low. This will force the PCM510x to ...
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Designing Raspberry Pi Compute Module with Ethernet capability

You can also use the ENC28J60 Module, which is only a few dollars from the usual places - ebay, aliexpress etc, and won't consume your USB port. To do this, wire things up: Pi ENC28J60 ---...
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How to make PCM5102 DAC work on Raspberry Pi ZeroW?

I was able to make this unit work with my Raspberry Pi 3 using volumio and osmc without the need of any software tweaking. I must say that it sounds very good on both distributions. While using both ...
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How compile a loadable kernel module without recompiling kernel

There is a much simpler version here, tested on jessie and stretch. sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers and then when your files are in place : make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build M=...
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Installed pyusb, still: 'ImportError: no module named core'

Try this, this worked for my on a Raspberry PI 3b+ for Python 3.5.3 sudo apt-get install python-usb python3-usb after running that the code import usb.core worked (Raspberry PI 3b+ - Python 3.5.3 - ...
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Where do I find the linux headers for an image?

See answer here You can try sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers if you're running raspbian.
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Why isn't gpio_set_debounce working in my Raspberry Pi Zero kernel module?

Looking at the header it appears gpio_set_debounce isnt actually implemented which would explain why your code changes didnt make a difference static inline int gpio_set_debounce(unsigned gpio, ...
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How I can identify and set a needed display module which was missing on boot time?

There's three ways modules get loaded With a device tree (for something like a RTC module) When the kernel detects a new USB device being connected. A list of modules to can be specified in: /etc/...
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how to access to the configuration of my raspberry pi os lite

If you just want to get the configuration of your Pi's kernel, and you plan to do development elsewhere, run sudo modprobe configs; zcat /proc/config.gz > .config, and then copy the .config file to ...
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How can I setup the video / graphics on the Raspberry Pi 3?

The options in order of decreasing age and stability : 1) The GPU 3D/Video BLOB which respects gpu_mem 2) The 2D framebuffer drivers fbdev / fbturbo 3) The in-kernel KMS/3D driver started by Eric ...
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Magnet on gps module - will it harm?

The short answer is no, a magnet will not interfere with your GPS module. The reason is that the electric field strength of the GPS signal will not be altered in any significant way by the relatively ...
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ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PySide'

It looks like you installed pyside only for Python 2. There are two meta packages for pyside in the repository python-pyside and python3-pyside. You can see this for yourself with the following ...
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Can Compute Modules provide clustering and high availability?

While not doing this with compute modules, I have 6 PI3's running together to test HA setups (database cluster sometimes, load balanced nginx servers other times). It's way cheaper to buy 6 pi's (and ...
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Controlling 5 LIDARs using Raspberry Pi

Question Can Rpi control 5 lidars at the same time? Answer (1) You might not need 5 Lidars. You can just use one front, one rear, with servos rotating and sensing at the same time. Five Lidar ...
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Waveshare SIM7600E-H no wwan0 interface when connected to Raspberry Pi 4 model B

In case anyone has also issues. The link to the raspberry pi forum helped me. Following steps are working for me. #install the packages sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libqmi-utils ...
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Python 3.11.0 Import sqlite not found

The module is named sqlite3, not sqlite. sqlite3 is built into Python's standard library (, you should not try to install it using pip. If import sqlite3 ...
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Enabling audible terminal bell/beep on wheezy

It's possible to make a shorter sound using: ( speaker-test -t sine -c 2 -s 2 -f 800 & TASK_PID=$! ; sleep 0.09 ; kill -s SIGKILL $TASK_PID ) > /dev/null This sends a signal after 0.09 s (but ...
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How compile a loadable kernel module without recompiling kernel

in file add sudo modprobe configs before zcat /proc/config.gz >.config (now in default rpi image /proc/config.gz not exist)
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Is powering the Pi 3B using GPIO allowed?

No you can't power via the GPIO, but you can from the +5V rail connected to the expansion header. You should follow the Foundation recommendations in the HAT specification
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rfid hf module for pi 3

This project on outlines what appears to be a successful approach using a Cottonwood: Long Range UHF RFID reader with a Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows IoT. Per previous comments it's ...
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Compiling driver for raspbian jessie 4.4.21-v7+

Did you try running "make oldconfig && make prepare" as suggested? That generates auto.conf as your failure message indicates.
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Unable to install SimpleCV on Raspberry Pi 3

I succeed running SimpleCV on RPi3 without updating os from RPi2. I just installed like following steps. mkdir ~/Code cd ~/Code git clone git:// cd SimpleCV sudo ...
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Pi for control 20 analog outputs

From my knowledge there is no ready to buy solution. I would recommend to use a I2C bus with the required converters connected to it. D/A converters example LTC2637 is a 8-Channel, 12-Bit Digital to ...
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LIRC remote control won't send (irsend: hardware does not support sending)

Verify that the service is starting correctly via sudo /etc/init.d/lirc status A common cause is a bad lircd.conf file.
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How to make PCM5102 DAC work on Raspberry Pi ZeroW?

DAC BOARD > Raspberry Pi ZeroW connector J8 SCK > Not wired (Internally generated) BCK > PIN 12 (GPIO18) DIN > PIN 40 (GPIO21) LRCK > PIN 35 ...
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PyQt5 not found by Python3.7

You can't install an out-of-distribution Python version and expect system Python packages to work. They're compiled for Python 3.5 that's included in the distribution. I suggest you upgrade to Buster ...
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Waveshare SIM7600E-H no wwan0 interface when connected to Raspberry Pi 4 model B

If ModemManager is running (which is is in recent versions of Ubuntu Desktop), it can block qmcli from working. You can check if its running $ ps ax | grep -i modem 832 ? Ssl 0:01 /usr/sbin/...
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LIRC Tutorial For Rpi2B+ Buster Too Old Problem

It really doesn't help using a tutorial from five years ago on a modern system. Too much has changed. lirc_rpi has been replaced by dtoverlay=gpio-ir and dtoverlay=gpio-ir-tx in /boot/config.txt. ...
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Install pypy3 on raspberry pi

One line of the output shows: 0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 20 not upgraded. 20 not upgraded means you have old packages and old dependencies. You should update it with: rpi ~$ sudo ...
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